Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Play Date - Fusible Paper Collage

I spent another lovely Sunday afternoon with my girlfriends creating art.  We copied a project from Cloth Paper Scissors where you use fusible web to create paper collage. 

 First you cut a piece of fusible web, from the fabric store, to size.  Mine were roughly 9 x 11.  Next we used decorative napkins to find elements for collage - carefully removing the two backing layers and cutting or tearing the napkins apart.
 Using freezer paper to protect the surface, and parchment as a release paper - we ironed the collage - so that the fusible web melts into the tissue.  It was a big question whether or not it would "bleed" through the layers.  In some case it would adhere pieces that were overlapping, in some cases not.
 If you needed a little extra "glue" - you could insert some Wonder Under fusing between the layers and iron again.
 A few more layers to add depth to the collage.  Completed image up top shows some painting and staining with tea stain varnish to add some colour.
 Here is S's piece after she added a light wash of colour to the pieced together napkins.
 And she continued with stencilling to add more texture and color.
 Here is D's in process - what a lively assortment of napkins.
 And her perhaps finished collage - with stencilling in metallic paint added.
 Here is K's pretty piece which includes several whimsical napkins plus some die cut butterflies and cheescloth. She added paper borders and cut outs from doilies.
 Here is Z's collage featuring an assortment of napkins that were blended together with paint to harmonize the piece.  She added glitter to the cutlery to make them sparkle.
Here's another one i did - an abstact with assorted papers and napkins.
 I added mesh, stencilling and some paint - which blended into the papers to unify it somewhat.

And here is another with a weird face with fruit for hair.  I added a black and white border, some coloured squares and more random fruits and flowers - all cut from napkins.
 Here is the completed piece - with more layering of napkins and some fibers.  The cool thing about these collages is that after you peel off the paper backing they are super thin and flexible.  They would be fantastic with some machine sewing or even beading added.  They could be framed or used in other art projects.  this could make an intersting book cover!
Thanks as always to our hostess D. 

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Lucie said...

Wow, amazing stuff. I wish I was there.