Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Canvas Update

Remember the mini canvases i wrote about here?  Look how fantastic they look all finished by D and S:
 Here is D's set of 9 -2" collaged canvases - she mounted them on cardboard and added some poetic text - her signature style!  then she coated the whole thing with tar gel to make one SOLID tile!  So colourful and fantastic looking in person.
Here's is S's set of 16 textural squares - all mounted on a black painted canvas.  Remember they were white?  She painted them, added some extra embellishment and touched them up with metallic paints.  She pointed out that only a couple of those doodads are actually metal - most were plastic painted to LOOK like metal.
My set of mini birdy canvases are still sitting on the sideboard waiting to be framed. But i think they will look great once they are!

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