Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Crafting

I came down with a terrible flu bug the week before christmas and ended up not putting up a tree or decorating in any way.  We were planning to spend the holidays with my sister and her family anyway - so by the time i was feeling better - it was time to  board a plane for Calgary.
As is our tradition, my niece and I did some crafting projects.  First we did some Martha Stewart glitter kits - butterflies and flowers. They are super easy to do - with pre cut sticky backing that you apply the glitter to one colour at a time - like with paint by numbers.
Next we created a large "paper quilt" on foam core. We cut rough squares from some colourful printed paper i was gifted by an art buddy.  We arranged them on the foam core and glued them with foam brushes and mod podge glue.
Next we cut some leaf shapes out of card stock with my niece's snazzy cricut and applied them randomly over the squares.  Then we added some gold filigree paper cut into leaf shapes.
It could use some final touches - like Portfolio water soluable oil pastels to add some shading and to smooth the sharp edges - but overall i think we did a great job!

Thanks Erica for another fun holiday creative play date!

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