Monday, January 10, 2011

Altered Book Blitz - Frida Kahlo Calendar

 On the weekend i worked on some long overdue projects that piled up before christmas. Here are the pages i did in the Frida Kahlo themed calendar. CLick here to see what i did last summer in the same book.  This spread started with a colourful painting of Frida with two birds.  I added the circles wrapping paper all around and added some rooster stickers and two yellow chicks on her head.  FRIDA and DECEMBER are added in more color with letter stickers.
This spread had Frida as a wounded deer on the right.  I added some pages from an Anthropologie catalog featuring slanted birch trees.  I thought the girl looked somewhat "southwestern".  I just added a quiver and some feathers to her outfit to create the huntress look.
 Ok - i'm sorry but i really don't get some of Ms. Kahlo's art.  This one is called Broken Column.  So i looked for columns in my clippings and found a 4 poster bed and some ruins.  The stained glass window has a sort of "broken" effect - so added that to the page.  The blue green stained glass echoes the blue sky and green fields, and makes up in colour what the religious figure lacks, in this black and white photo.
 So, to really disrepect her individuality, i thought i would like to see what she would like with normal eyebrows.  I painted over them in gesso and tried to to paint on skin colour to match her face.  That didn't work.  So i decided to just pretend we captured Frida, mid-wax job. I love the grey and cream colour story here.  And i think she looks great!
To finish off the last page of the December calendar, the last book in this 2010 round robin swap, i thought i would compliment this lovely painting with a simple christmas tree shape with faux postage stamps in the same red, gold and black colour theme.  A dab of stickles glitter adds some nice texture to the collar and cuffs.  And it is a few weeks late, but Merry Christmas everyone!


Zenetta said...

i like the wax job! She actually looks pretty.

Aileen said...

Loved all your additions Diane but my fav was the wax job! LOL Who hasn't wanted to do that to Frida if they could! Thanks so much for a fun year of arting!