Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookie Exchange Party....YUM!!

I participated in a lovely cookie exchange holiday party last Saturday night.  We were asked to bring 3 dozen cookies to share.  Look at all the goodies! About 8 different types of cookies with all manner of spices and chips and fruit and nuts.  There was even little spice cake loaves, key lime fudge and gooey chocolate caramel squares.
This was my contribution.  My Award Winning Snickers Surprise Cookies.  ON A STICK!  I made these a few years ago for another cookie exchange party where we had to taste each cookie and vote.  Mine won first prize - appropriately enough, a cookie cook book.   Nothing special to making these, just wrap a mini snickers chocolate bar in peanut cookie dough and bake.  A few weeks ago i made them with store bought sugar cookie dough - just as good, but i like the peanut butter - nut - caramel combination better. For an added fun twist this time i added the sticks - they are Wilton, purchased at Michaels. And no, they don't burn in the oven.  Just stab the snickers bar and wrap with a ball of dough.  They spread and flatten as they bake - so leave space.
And here displayed on a pretty wicker tray provided by our lovely hostess Karen, are the cookies i got to take home!  She set up a cookie decorating station for the kids - but i had a blast creating my sparkly snowflake and Christmas tree shaped treats.
Karen also prepared a tasty dinner for the party and had all her beautiful Christmas decorations around the house.  Including three full size trees decorated in different themes!

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