Thursday, April 8, 2010

Petite Inspiration Box Swap - in the mail!

Well, one day late - but i finally got my petite matchbox swap finished up and packed and ready to mail.  I will wait to post images - sorry - because it will spoil the surprise for the three recipients!!  But check out the bird cage tape i used on the small priority post boxes - too cute!
Ok - here is another peak - i made these ATC's to go in the boxes with my contact info on the back.  This will give you a real good hint as to my colour scheme!! i used some blue pattered card stock and added a torn strip of vintage text and a red ragged strip of mulberry paper.  I created a tree with branches using very thin brown tape.  I added two wee birdees - one red one blue.  Final embellishment is a couple of blue chip stamps and a nice shell button.  A bit of brown ink around the edges finishes it off nicely.
I created some labels on the computer with my contact info.  I used ink jet transparent stickers - 2" by 4" - perfect (with a small trim) for the back of the ATC's and for the bottom of the matchbox boxes themselves.  I pulled the pretty tree image from microsoft clip art.  I was surprised they had some nice contemporary illustrations - a change from their usual cheesy pics. I feel quite exhilarated to have this project complete.  I cannot wait to see what i get from the girls.  And i hope they love what i sent them!!

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