Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look What I Found...!

The theme this week for the Mixed Media Monday Challenge is "look what i found" - with instructions to translate as your whims take you. I think my new owl necklace is a perfect entry!  I had a play date on Saturday with some co-workers.  Read about our prior adventures HERE and HERE.  This time we all wanted to try jewelry making.  I grabbed a bunch of beading supplies and we met at a local bead store, The San Gabriel Bead Company.  This cute little owl was hiding in my stash.  I am pretty sure i picked it up at an estate sale a few years ago.  I thought  - why not create a cool vintage looking necklace to honour this fine bird?
This is the first necklace i made at the play date.  (or rather started it, because i had to leave too early.  Too much fun at the store, plus a yummy lunch ate into our play date time)
I knew i wanted to make something asymmetrical and all mixed up.
I wanted to learn how to do wire wrapping.  Well Youtube to the rescue - once i saw two or three videos i was absolutely hooked!
I want to wire wrap every chunky bead i can get my hands on!!
So simple  - and so beautifully hand made. 
Here is the lovely mess we made at Jeanette's.  Wow!!
Here are some of the things the group was working on when i had to leave:
And look how much we had!!

I bought more supplies to make more necklaces.  Once i have mastered wire wrapping i'd like to use sterling silver wire and chain to make something pretty with this selection of pink glass pearls and beads.
I also bought a "blank" to make one of these vintage typewriter key bracelets.  I have been hoarding the letters just waiting for the perfect project.  I purchased this bracelet - and as cool as it is - those are letter stickers, not real keys. So i can make one myself!
I also want to create something out of this necklace i started using beads and buttons and waxed linen twine.
And here is another work in progress. So much fun.  Just the perfect new hobby to work on while my husband watches baseball games this summer! So yes, Mixed Media Monday - Looks like i found a new obsession...!!