Saturday, August 8, 2009

Purple dots anyone?

Our dear altered book friend Shanna moved away last summer and had to leave our little group. But she asked us to participate in a tip-in swap for the summer.
I chose the theme "PURPLE" based on the inspiration of the local jacaranda trees. I wrote about the book HERE.

Well i received my first set of pages in the mail from Shanna and here they are glued into my book. SHe did one-sided pages, a two page spread - so they just needed a bit of glue stick to attach them into the book.

Shanna chose two fun ideas for the purple theme - Here is her one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater! She used lots of glitter and paint and her signature little coloured dots to create the monster. Yes - Shanna HAND PUNCHED all those dots from magazines to create an interesting intricate collage.

Here is Purple Mountain Magesty. A beautiful cluster of pointy purple peaks, again sprinkled with purple dots.
Along with the pages, Shanna included a baggie filled with yarn samples. And yes, MANY of them are purple!! What a fun an unexpected treat.

Here is her eggplant shaped sign in tag - how cool is that!??!

In a book swap from last year, Shanna created a pop-art american flag with hundreds of hand punched bed, white and blue dots. Her attention to detail is inspiring.
Thanks Shanna!

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