Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cottage Crafting

While away at my sister's lake cottage last week, my niece Erica and I made some collage artwork. Not really sure what they are or what we will do with them, but we had fun and they turned out great.
I brought just a few supplies - my favorite papers, fibers and some vintage image copies. I had a few stickers and some doodads. Scissors, glue stick and some glue dots.
For the base we used folded promotional cards like this.
I got the idea from Pam Garrison who did something similar with a Smith and Hawken flyer.
The stiffer the substrate - the easier this is to do - but seriously - you could decorate a Targer flyer and still get good results!
I used a combination of tissue papers, wrapping paper and ephemera in a pale blue pallet for this one. I added a few ribbons for texture.
This is Erica's - she did all bright happy colours
Here is inside - you can see she used some thin mulberry paper in sections so that you can still
see the original images show through.
She cut two holes to insert a pink silk ribbon.
She chose her papers very carefully to create a patchwork effect.
I used decorative papers from Catherine Moore for this collage.
I added bits of napkins and some milinary leaves and lace to make them pop.
Her Histoire Naturelle cpapers have a lovely mix of ephemera like ledger paper backgrounds with all things birds.
I added a few aviary stamps and a vellum envelope as a pocket for a petite treasure.
Here are all three lined up together. Don't they look like fun!
Which one do you like best?


artbeneaththecottonwoods said...

they are all lovely in their own way, but I like the birds & ledger paper best...what fun!

Zenetta said...

They are each beautiful in their own way! I recognize the napkin. What a lovely setting for such lovely work with your lovely niece....great way to spend some vacation time.

Diane said...

Yes - the birds nest was from one of the napkins i stole from your house the last time you had us over for drinks!

(yes - you LET me steal them of course!! You knew full well it would make it into my art somehow!!)