Friday, July 24, 2009

By the Numbers - Altered Book

I just finished two spreads in an altered book round robin swap. The theme of Dorothy's book is "by the numbers" - and yes, you guessed it - just create a couple of collages with numbers as the central theme. I knew right away that i had to do "even numbers". Just because i am sort of obsessive about them. The background on this spread is a black white and red calender from 2008. I printed out 2-4-6-8 in two bold fonts on matte photo paper and cut them out. I arranged them on the left side and added some doodles with red and black markers. On the right side is the word EVEN. I cut it out of two folded pages of matte photo paper. It has enough strength to stand up to this kind of cut outs. In red pen i wrote about the obsession i mentioned. Birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers - they are all better to me if they are EVEN!

For my second spread i decided to use the ultimate number - PI. you know, 3.1415926535 blah blah blah. I printed out MANY more digits and used that as background paper. The four delicious pies, with a lacey crust flip open to ask the viewer, pie anyone?
Get it? yeah, i know, kinda corny..
Here's a little artsy crafty tip. How often are you frustrated by notn having the right letters for a spread or scrapbook page? The vowels are always the first to go. Look closely at the E's above. They are altered B's!
Here's my sign in tag - i reached into a drawer of playing cards and this was the one i picked - a PERFECT 10! Punch a hole, add some interesting fibres, sign the back - and voila - the perfect sign in tag.

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