Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tip in Swap - altered book pages

What is a tip in swap- you might be asking? When you do a normal round robin - you send your books through the mail for each participating artist to work on. With a tip-in - you just create pages that are mailed and then attached to the book by the owner. You can either do one sided pages that are just glued into the book - over existing book pages. Or you can cut away two pages leaving a 1/2 inch border. You then glue the new pages in between the cut sections - thereby {"tipping" them INTO your book. And no risk of books getting lost in the mail! For this project i created my own book "Purple" you can read about here.

The first pages i got to work on for another persons book were a fun trip down to the wild wild west. Shanna's book is called Driftwood, sort of a play on the HBO series Deadwood. You get to pick a character who light have lived in this town and create pages based on that theme. I chose a team of bandits above - selecting images and stories from the web that i embellished and changed to fit the book's theme.
I used a double ledger page torn from the center of a signature as the base. Some of it shows through. after arranging all the images and aging the whole thing i felt it still needed something.
SO i took a water pen - dipped in black ink pad ink and scribbled all over the pages. i like how it turned out. The tie is just there in the middle for the image - the book would never close! i moved it to the edge before mailing it off.
For my second spread i chose to invent a story about a lady named Bella who started a fine victorian establishment in town. It was fun playing with various papers to evoke the ornate salons of the day.
The image on the left opens to reveal her true identity - Madam Bella, of the Bella Union saloon.
I created one big long playbill sort of thing, something i saw in Wendy Addison's shop, the Theatre of Dreams. She uses a vintage letter press to create awesome printings. I have a sample somewhere in my yet to be unpacked stuff. I'll show it to you when i find it.

Here is a picture of it all in one shot:

Here is my sign in tag. I used a sample of wood grain formica. I found out i have about 50 formica samples in all different styles. Still have not found my good scissors but i have wood grain formica coming out the ying yang.

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Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from mixed media monday and really enjoyed all your creative posts.

Great example of altered books and the fun of round robins. Have not participated in a swap for a while but they are a great way to make new friends.

Happy Altering!