Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Vacation and Birthdays and Memory Loss

Ok - so i turned 47 two days ago. And already i am exhibiting extreme memory loss and signs of serious old age. Yesterday i went to Marshalls to buy some decorative storage boxes. I found the perfect ones in a lovely aqua and brown swirly print. They will look great in my new office. Yes - after 25+ years in business i finally got my own office. I am very proud. I'll take some pics to show what i've done. Anyway, back to marshalls. I loaded the stack of boxes into my car and drove away. Without. My. Purse.
Thankfully - it was turned in by a good samaratin, and i got it back about 30 minutes later, after arriving at another store and realizing i had left it in the cart. Thank you kind stranger!

Last week while on vacation in Montreal, i filled up my digital camera's memory card. I went to a camera store and the guy put in the new one and formated it etc. I put the old one (filled with lovely photos) in a safe place. Only for the life of me i cannot remember WHERE. I thought for sure it was in my change purse - but it's gone. I am so bummed.

I took some really nice shots of doors in the plateau area like these i found on flickr:

I mean - it is nice to find great images online - but i was so excited to have MY OWN. There are streets and streets of row houses with fun doors - doubles, triples and quadruples. Oh poop. I'll just have to go back.

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