Thursday, August 21, 2008

More stuff on walls

I was a very happy camper when i found out i was to be given an office at work. No more cube - a bonafide office with a window and a door. In all my years in business i have never had one to call my own. So i went a bit crazy choosing a decorating theme. It is not quite done - but here are some fun shots of the things i bought to dress it up.
The pretty boxes are from Marshalls. They are filled with the stuff i have collected over 8 years working here - you know - the bottom drawer crap you just cannot part with. At least now I can use my bottom drawer for files. Or my purse. Or snacks. Mostly for snacks.
The large wall decal is from a company called ADZIF I bought it in Montreal at Zone. It was super easy to install and looks awesome.

Here is a bad photo of a cool panel i have hanging in front of the window. Oh man i hate mini blinds! This just fit perfectly beside the filing cabinet, so i left the blinds rolled up. I threw away the package, so i don't remember the manufacturer - but i also bought this at Zone. It is heavy plastic and could have been hung like this - or in a four square grid. It and the wall decal are very Tord Boontje. I just love his stuff.

I was cruising on line and found some chat from 2006 where design afficionados were saying they were so OVER the whole flowers birds and animals graphics thing. So maybe i am late to the game. But i love think it is fresh and fun. Girlie without being too sweet.
Someone pointed out that i overlook San Quentin prison. I guess I do. Over the trees off in the distance is in fact the San Francisco bay and the prison. Where Scott Peterson lives in case you have heard about him. Here is a very zoomed in shot. In the panoramic taken from the water, i would be way over to the left. But i pay no attention to the prison - but do very much enjoy the sky and the trees.
Sadly for the last two weeks and into the distant future my team and I are in "lock down" in a crowded office near our IT dept, finishing up the details of a major system implementation project. Yeah - 9 of us squished into one room, working 10-12 hours days to get everything ready. So i haven't even had a chance to USE my office. And working such long hours in seriously putting a damper on my creative time in the evenings. So i have nothing much new to post here or on the challenge blogs.
But please stay tuned. As you know i work in spurts and there is bound to be a creative spurt coming up some day soon!

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