Monday, August 18, 2008

Art on the walls, finally

When we were on vacation in July we had our house painted. The living room, entrance hallway, stairs and upstairs hall used to be BRIGHT yellow ochre. I loved it. Everyone commented on it. But after 8 years - i was sick of it. An equally sick of all my deep red and burgundy decorative accessories.
You may recall, back in january when i started this blog, i had just started the transformation - with all new christmas ornaments - all birds -all blue. I bought some lovely cushions in blue silk and had to wait until july for it all to come together.
Well, just this past weekend - we finally got all the artwork up on the walls. We had rearranged the furniture and I wanted to not stay stuck in a rut with all my stuff - so it took some time to figure it all out.
Front and center is the canvas i painted and wrote about here. The walls in these pictures looks very grey - in fact the color is called "Austere Grey" by SHerwin Williams. But in person - it is much more of a blue green - changing in the light. I wanted the perfect robin's egg blue. Not sure if that is what i got! But it looks really lovely and elegant. So some of my contemporary paintings (all by me - all interpretations of others) perhaps don't "go" anymore. We'll see once we live with it for a while.

Scattered throughout the room are other paintings i have done over the years. This is the "music corner". JIm's keyboards and drums (not shown) all live in what would normally be a dining room.
As promised i started a mini gallery of all the weekly challenges i have been doing this summer. There is a big wall to fill so i better get busy with more artwork!


Anonymous said...

Very original and creative work.:)

heidi said...

Hi there,
I only just discovered your blog, and wanted to comment on your colourful paintings in your home - especially the music corner, so fun and vibrant! And your office decor is stylish - congrats on getting you own space!