Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tormented Trees and Windswept Dunes....

The one thing that will stick with me from my visit to Asilomar is the tormented trees. These Cypress pines are beaten by the wind and the salt sea air and are beautifully mangled. I used a pic from Mendocino for my 4x4 swap page described earlier. I also created some ATC's from the same image. I also used these trees on the picture my mermaid painted for the altered fish project.

Here are some pics of the grounds at Asilomar. It is quite beautiful and natural. There are deer roaming the grounds - got quite close to this one - clearly they are used to people sharing the property.

Here are the trees at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, which is right next to Asilomar, just south of Monterey. We had a lovely much at Lattitudes - right opposite this view, before checking into art and soul. I had read the food was terrible - so i wanted one last decent meal. It was very tasty.

The meals at Asilomar are not as bad as i read, but pretty basic and institutional. They ring a bell at 7:30am, 12 noon and 7:00pm to summon you to the Crocker dining hall. You can hear the bell from around the facility and everyone makes there way to eat. One day i took a detour to the beach - just across the road. They have done a lot to restore and now preserve the dunes. People are asked to stay on the boardwalks and not risk damaging the wild flowers.

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