Monday, April 21, 2008

Stephanie Lee: Art Excavation

Here are the pieces i made in Stephanie's class:

We created artwork in wooden boxes or frames, or using canvas boards. The first step was to mix up some plaster of Paris in a small cup and pour it into the box. A few good taps to level it out. Let dry for i don't know, maybe an hour?

Next i selected the collage materials i wanted to use - once a main focal point was chosen, i laid it on the plaster and started to carve around it. I did a few different things. On one i carved INTO the plaster under the image so that it would sit lower than the rest of the piece. On another i carved away the background so that the image sat on top of the background.

Next the collage image is placed on the plaster and the background is painted. Then the whole thing is coated with beeswax. You are not supposed to be able to paint on top of the wax - but i guess if it isn't too thick, it will accept some colour. I also used Portfolio oil pastels, which blend in wonderfully with the wax.

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