Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beeswax Collage Class Prep

The day before the Beeswax Collage workshop at the Nova Studio, and as always i am rushing to get ready for class. I decided i wanted to go with bright cheerful colours this time. So much of what i have (and therefore what i teach) is vintage sepia (SEE-pia or SEPP-ia??)using ephemera and neutral colours. But today i am feeling happy and therefore the kits reflect my mood. Sure - i always include some basic backrounds - dictionary paper, some pages from a poetry book and the never fail sheet music. But i also included a lot of clear colurs - checks, florals and solids in pink, lavender, lime and aqua.

We are going with two themes - the first is Vintage Multiples - ie a class photo, family or friends. The reason for the multiples is that usually we use 5x7" canvas boards for this class - but i ordered 4x6 by mistake. Which are just too darn small. Therefore instead we'll use 6x8" boards, which thankfully i have on hand. So a bigger board means room for a larger picture! And a great excuse to use these fun group photos. I know it is a bit passe, but these would look adorable with the pointy party hats that we're all sick of in the paper arts world!
We'll embellish with ribbon and rickrack and lace and buttons - all in cheerful colours. If the students are not feeling particularly "happy" they can certainly somber down the tones of the collage with crayons and portfolio oil pastels!!

The other theme is Beach. I guess the sunny weather is just making me feel good all around! And i am starting to think about my own beach vacation, in May we are going to Cabo to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary....!
The beach theme has some fun backgrounds - water and sky and sand and some super chunky embellishments - shells and beach glass. The pics are fun too - all those icky scratchy wool bathing costumes.
I'll be sure to bring my camera to class to take some shots of what the students end up creating. And we'll see if they have the same HAPPY CHEERFUL outlook i have this fine weekend....!

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