Saturday, January 19, 2008

Latest Altered Art
I decided to try my hand at a mixed media art piece, based on the work of Marcelle Fortier. I saw her work in a magazine. She uses classical architecture, combined with textured paper and script to breate bold pieces. I have been wanting to combine acrylic painting with collage and paper - so this was my first attempt.

I used canvas paper as the backing (didn't want to waste a canvas in case it didn't turn out!). The Greek Temple was taken from a postcard of a church in Paris, L'Eglise de la Madeleine. I scanned it and printed it on matte photo paper and glued it to the paper with a glue stick.

I tore up a piece or corrugated cardboard to get the rippled paper. I then added heavily textured hand made paper, some sheet music and copies of script writing. I added gobs of bright acrylic paint to fill in around the paper. I just kept layering and intensifying the colours until i thought it looked "done". I'm not sure it is - but anyway here's what it looks like. I will be teaching this techniques to my altered book swap group Sunday afternoon. I'll take a pic of their art to share!


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