Monday, September 22, 2014

Bottle Brush Trees Workshop

 I took another fun workshop from Cathe Holden at her magical studio the Inspired Barn. 
She showed us how to make bottle brush trees.  from scratch!
 You start with some rope.
Then you cut a section and take it completely apart down to the individual fibers.
I love how Cathe sets up each of our work spaces with all the necessary tools. Plus treats! 
 Well - here is how the magic happens.  You bundle your fibers in a folded wire - and use a drill to spin it to create a bottle brush.  Then you trim it to a tree shape.
 Then you dye the tree - we used Rit dye.  lots of colour choices!
 Here you can see a few drying on paper towels.
Here are a few a fellow classmate did.
Go to this link to see Cathe's full tutorial HERE.
Thanks Cathe for another fun evening. 
Now I must think about some cute projects for winter
which incorporate my pretty little trees...!

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