Monday, June 16, 2014

Collage Canvas Play Date

 Our latest play date was all about collage.   We were inspired by a piece in the MOCA museum book art show by Louise Forbush.  I tried to recreate the look of her collage by using assorted pieces of neutral coloured ephemera glued to a 12" square canvas with matte medium.
I added a row through the middle using blue-ish papers.  I added a light wash of gesso to create more contrast. I wasn't sure what to do next - it still needs something.  so I went ahead and started another.
 For this one I created sections of colour using all vintage papers - blues, pinks and yellows.  I've been "living" with it for a week now, trying to figure out what to do next!
 Here is D's canvas - a work in progress.    She started with a text background and added some buildings to create a skyline.
 Here is S's canvas in progress.   She also started with a text background and is creating a sort of landscape with bits of colourful papers.
This is K's work.  She was inspired by a street scape by the artist  - using  Asian text and handmade papers.
 Here is it one step further along.
And here is Z's collage - she did a smaller layered composition with various papers and added a quote and a piece of found barbed wire!

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