Monday, June 16, 2014

Altered Book Swap - Cherry Red and Teal

I just finished working in D's latest altered book - Cherry Heaven Teal.  She created a beautiful altered book for our 2014 colour swap using a book titled Cherry Heaven.  She added two vials attached with wires, each filled with colourful beads.

Here is an example of one of her deep and richly textured spreads.  D. really loves texture and colour to create interest in her altered books.
For my first spread I chosen to do an Asian theme.  I dug out my folder filled with Asian themed papers and illustrations and found these ornate gold doors. 
Open the doors and inside are more exuberant Asian interiors.  all featuring the theme colours red and teal.
Here is another portal- using a red chest with an Asian medallion.
Inside is a pretty figurine holding a little butterfly.
Here is another look at the left inside flap - with a collage of origami paper, a Japanese sticker and a bird and cherry blossom branch cut from wrapping paper.
For my second spread I started with a background of a legal stock document with bold red scrollwork.  I added a marble statue face on the left, and a series of renaissance images on the right.  I was playing with profiles.  Four faces - 4 eyes.
The faces flip open to reveal a little red bird atop a pedestal.  I added the words cut from a catalog - "Captivating Curiosity".
Here is a shot of the beautiful sign in page D created in the back of her book.  On the right is a niche containing a small religious statue, surrounded by paper flowers.
And finally here is my sign in tag - more Asian papers and another bird!
Check out the other books in this years swap Here:
Pink, Green, Purple and Bling.  We will start over again for the second half of the year.

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