Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Royal Play Date - Christmas Cards

 My over the top wonderful creative friend K. hosted a play date for us to make christmas cards.  The second annual event.  To make it even more special, it had a royal theme.  We were all dressed in gowns and tiaras and crown jewels to get into the spirit of the event.  Here you can see some castles on the supplies table.
 K. pulled out all her tricks and treats to make the day as memorable as possible.  Here an assortment of gemstones in cocktail glasses, and two unique trays for sorting embellishments.
 On each of the tables were dollar store "silver" trays and two types of glitter in vintage salt and pepper shakers.  And treats!
 We had pastries, fruit and yogurt and coffee to start, but luncheon was OVER THE TOP.  the table was set with all the glitz and glamour K could muster. China, silver, candelabra, crystals and fine linens.
 We had grilled peach salad with an "upscale" chicken pot pie.  That mini silver goblet held the salad dressing.  such a nice touch!
 For dessert we had berry cheescake in shooter glasses plus a tray of cream puffs was decorated with edible flowers.
 Oh yes - and we made cards!  I managed to make about 20 of the 75 i need to send this year.
 I went with a simple design - on a robin's egg blue oblong card with a scalloped edge, i added "presents" cut from assorted christmas themed scrapbook pads.  I added some glitter tape and ribbons to select packages.  Each card will be punched and a ribbon added to make the card hangable if anyone so desires.  A final dotting of glitter glue and a sprinkle of the aforementioned "salt" crystals added a nice wintery sparkle to each card. 
 K's mom and aunt joined in our fun and they made these cards - sorry not sure who made which ones - but aren't they lovely!
 More cards from Mom and Auntie.
 Here are K's cute vintage cards with a pretty little baker.  So appropirate for our hostess with the mostess! 
And here are some of Z's cards - she also went with an oblong single card design but used a fun assortment of christmas papers and embellishments.

So....we were all dressed up, and even the man of the house wore a crown and cape to greet us on the royal purple carpet runner adorned with flowers.  But i will respect my own wish not to show pictures of myself, and also keep all the other incriminating evidence to myself!
The older gals actually changed into NEW gowns for luncheon, lest they get glitter and glue on them in the morning.  It was such a hoot to be all dressed up for a play date.  Thanks K for a truly awe inspiring magical day!

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Lucie said...

Oh, I am so sorry I missed it. I looked so fabulous. And the cards you guys did are awesome too. So, so much talent in this group, it's coming from all sides!