Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween Altoid Tins

 Last month we had a play date to alter altoid tins using halloween as inspiration.  This is one of mine - with a vintage image of a boy and girl - but added a pointy hat and some butterfly wings.  I got little glass bottles for everyone to add potions to their tins.
 Here is another one of mine - with a plastic glow in the dark skeleton and a white rat with an orange feather tail.
 Here is D's box filled with creepy things and black netting to hold it all in.
 Here is S's box - she used a larger tin with a window - there are two sets of eyes inside.
 Here is the back of Z's with a vintage witchy image.
Here is the front of Z's- - with a shiny moon and a creature terifying a young girl.
 Here is the tin from K showing more of those cool glass bottles filled with beads.
Here is a book cover K made to enlose her tin.

L made two tins even thought she could not spend the day with us.  I have images in an email i cannot seem to attach to this blog!  Sorry L.!

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