Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation Painting

In July we spent some time in the Laurentions, the cottage country north of Montreal. We stayed in my sister's little cabin, next to their larger cottage. It is a cute summer place with nice vintage touches. As a gift to my sister and her family i painted a couple of pictures. This one was based on a picture taken at Ogunquit Beach in Maine, in about 1966.
That's my sister on the top, then me and my two brothers.

 Here is a bit of a close up.  I am not very good at faces.  but it is meant to be whimsical!
 I also painted a "paint-by numbers" image.  This was mostly just to relax and do nothing by the lake.  My sister's niece helped me out a bit with some of those tiny specs of paint.  It was a real challenge!  Well my sister found an old frame which set it off nicely!
 Here it is without the glare!
Ah...July at the lake - it was wonderful....!

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Aileen said...

Love your whimsical painting, what a treasure I'm sure it is to your sister! Great job Diane!