Monday, August 20, 2012

Altered Globes

Yes  - altered books, altered hangers, altered playing cards, altered photographs, altered dominoes, and now altered globes!   
 We each brought a vintage (or vintage inspired) globe to our monthly play date.  After not meeting for two months we had a lot to catch up on.  Our altered calendars, exciting tales from Art Unraveled, and the various art projects we each brought for show and tell.
When we finally got started,  I gave my globe a rough sand then coated it with gesso. I gave up on finding a vintage globe and bought this one at Cost Plus World Market.
 I made a rought template and cut out 12 strips of paper (tapered at each end) in my favorite pallet of robin's egg blue florals and sepia tone text and script.  Since each strip was about 14" inches long (yes i looked up "pi" and how to calculate circumference!!) it was a great way to use my rolls of vintage wall paper, wrapping paper and treasured Cavallini papers.
 I gave each strip a few slits along the sides to smooth out the curvature of the globe.  My globe was small - a larger one would be less fussy.  I used PVA glue.
 After all the strips dried somewhat i added some birds cut from napkins.    It looks very messy at this point.
 Next i added stripes of ecru lace along all the seams.  A great way to hide the puckers!!
 Once it had dried it was MUCH smoother and glossy.  I will probably add a few embellishments to the top or base.  But otherwise i was done!
 Here is L's modern take on the globe altering process.  She gave her grandfather's globe a wash of blue to tone it down.  then added light blue stripes.  She added white dots and paper disc's cut with a circle punch.
 Then she continued with some stripes and cool text cut from a REALLY old newspaper.
 More circles and some bright red dots finish it off!
 Here is K's ebay globe in progress.  She has a very cool concept.  Each strip of paper represents a vacation journey some family members made across the country.  She printed each image on a printer - pre-cropping each shot to the right dimensions.  Because her globe was quite small they fit on 8 1/2 by 11 pages!
 But she is not nearly done yet.... she plans to add a train, a plane and a car to the tracks around the globe to really represent the travels taken to meet together.  Can't wait to see her vision realized!
 S. had a large ebay globe.  She spent most of the afternoon thoughtfully preparing her strips of paper - cut using a tissue paper template.  She pieced together some text pages and glued foreign stamps all over.  then she collaged some old maps with bits of geometric printed tissue.  It will be a really fabulous globe once it is all glued on!
 D went a different route.  She cut black and white images showing people of the world and randomly glued them allover the globe.  On the southern hemisphere some were upside down!
She is not nearly done, though, as she plans to paint over all the oceans in between.  Or maybe the continents (i forget which!)  And then, as no piece by D is ever complete with words - she plans to add some poetry to the globe - for a spining story!

Thanks as always to D for hosting these marvelous events. 

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Aileen said...

I have a globe I've been hanging on to alter, I just can't decide what I want to do! Thanks for the inspiration!