Monday, September 5, 2011

Card Making Play Date Part Two

 Back in August on vacation, i painted a bunch of birds and other winged creatures. Some on cards and some on muslin.  Yesterday at the second day of our play date, with a "work on your own project" theme - and i thought this was the perfect time to finish the cards.
 Here is the first group i completed.  The birds were stamped onto nice watercolour paper postcards using Martha Stewart stamps.  Then hand painted with guache paints.  Yesterday i added the script background with light sepia ink.  then grounded the artwork with a collage of old letters, wallpaper, decorative florentine paper, bits of lace and stamps and butterfly stickers.
Here is a closeup.
Here is my second batch - using birds and bugs painted on muslin, which i talked about HERE.
The birds were painted and cut out of the fabric and used in collage on the watercolor cards with the same type of ephemera and decorative papers as the first batch.  Once i have a sort of 'recipe' i like to make quick work of cranking them out assembly line style.  I plan to use these as thank you cards (long overdue!) from my birthday party last month.

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