Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decoupaged Vases

I had a very crafty weekend starting with a play date with 4 friends on Saturday.  We created "mosaic style decoupage vases" in the style Lucie created at a previous decoupage play date.  (see also end of post) Above are two that i made.  The "genie in a bottle" shape was a blue glass vase from goodwill.  I added my signature robin's egg blue papers in organized rows.  The band around the middle was tissue paper with script.  The square vase was one of a dozen that Karen's husband sand blasted for us!  The sanded surface made it really easy to paint with black gesso.  I added the same colour papers - cut into squares with a few butterflies thrown in.  Both these need a few coats of gloss medium to make them shine.
Here are Dorothy's two vases - both sandblasted and painted them collaged with assorted torn papers.  She used mainly tissue papers which are really easy to apply to curved surfaces. They remind me of beautiful greek pottery.
Here is Karen's vase decoupaged with vintage doilies.  yeah - those yellow-y ones?  thats authentic age - no colour applied!  She said it was like working with lace  - cutting all the little bits and rosettes. Interesting contrast between the rectilinear lines of the vase and the curves of the doilies.
Here is another one of mine - an interesting bottle shape from the goodwill - with a large dictionary paper flower and cubes of paper filling in.  This one was not sandblasted- so the black gesso did crack in spots - but i could touch it up  - or apply some more.  The little votives were an experiment with glass marble stones and The Ultimate glue.  It took FOREVER to dry - and had to be placed upside down so they did not roll off. 
Here are Shelley's two vases - the one on the right was done without a black gesso base coat - just overlapping tissue and hand painted papers.  It will look fabulous with a candle inside!
And here is a close up of the intricate detail on her decoupage on her second vase, which was sand blasted and gesso'd in black. I believe this was tissue paper.  Doesn't it look like an ancient relic?
And finally here are Lucie's latest works.  Just like her to come up with an exciting NEW technique when we were copying what she did a month ago!  On the right is another square vase with a gesso base and gollaged papers  - not so much in a mosaic style - but an interesting vintage collage with stamps, music and butterflies.
On the left  - wow - isn't that cute?  She cut a bunch of circles out of paper and tissue and possibly napkins and overlapped them in the cylindrical vase.  That would be a fun technique for those tall mexican candles - think how pretty they would be flickering and casting colourful shadows on the walls!
Thanks Dorothy for hosting us  - it is always a pleasure to create in your studio!
Here is a reminder of our original inspiration - Lucie's decoupage vase with flower.

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