Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Decoupage Play Date...!

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with three dear friends for a day of decoupage.  I decided to create three collaged canvases with ephemera and napkins.  I started by placing randomly torn assorted text pages on the canvas using a foam roller and watered down decoupage medium.

Here is Lucie creating her decoupage vase.  First she painted it with black gesso.  Yes!  You can buy black gesso.  Dried super quick out in the sun on Karen's deck..  Lucie tore bits of patterned paper in a mosaic style pattern. and glued the pieces to the painted vase.
Z. used three nude sketches as her focal point for three collaged canvases.  She scanned and printed her drawings onto matte photo paper and used delicate tissue to create an ethereal effect.
Karen worked on a small wooden table.  here she is laying out assorted printed napkins to decide which ones to use.
Here are Z's backgrounds drying on freezer paper.
Karen was the hostess with the mostess - here's a shot of her kitchen counter, where she arranged all the art supplies for us.  Look at all those napkins!
Here is the dining room table set for a delicious lunch - complete with easter themed treat bags!
It was perhaps the most delicious lunch i have ever eaten.  Two types of wrap sandwiches, mini BLT sliders, couscous salad, carrot salad, papaya and olives.  Oh and Cala Lily Sandwiches!  So cute and SOO tasty!
And a there was a choice of lemonades or citrus punch.  What a pretty plate!
Now back to crafting!  Here are my finished canvases drying on the patio.
And a few close-ups:

Almost everything used here is a napkin.
Here are Z.'s sketches drying on the deck. So soft and pretty - they're for her newly remodeled bathroom!
Here is Lucie's finished vase.  i just love how she created the pretty flower with dictionary pages.  She glazed the completed vase and will add a coat of gloss medium or varnish to make it shine a bit more.
Lucie also decoupaged the cover of this vintage book, she'll use it as a art journal to try out new techniques.
She also decoupaged this little box - it will make a cute shadow box for her husband, a music lover. Probably finish it off with a little ukelele or something!
Here is karen adding the flowers to her table top.
And Z. adding some finishing touches to her canvases.
To finish off the most wonderful of craft play dates - i decided to decoupage my old blue cosmetics case - which i use to carry around my basic art supplies and tools.  I used an assortment of brightly coloured napkins in stripes, dots, paisley and hearts. Then added flowers and some black and white flourishes.  And a B for Bouchard. Since it was on a napkin in Karen's vast assortment! 
The little suitcase has a textured finish and the napkins were absorbed right into the grooves.  It dried a little bit darker.  If i had painted it white first the colours would have stayed bright.  But it looks cool and vintage and fun!
Thanks Karen for hosting our little group and creating the perfect environement for creativity.  Supplies? check. Great food? check.  Great drinks? check.  Great friends? check.

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