Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun with Dominoes...!

Sunday afternoon i met with more creative friends for Fun with Dominoes.  How much fun can you have with dominoes, you might ask?  LOTS!  Here you can see all the dominoes the five of us created.  PLus some copper discs that K wanted to make weathered looking, by applying some adirondak ink.
Here are some of D's fun and funky styled smaller vintage cream dominoes.  She stamped with Staz-On ink and added colour and whimsy with Sharpie pens.
Here are some of my larger white dominoes, new from Target - about $4 for a tin of 28 dominoes.  I stamped with a script stamp in assorted colours of Staz-On ink.  Then i added birds cut from foreign postage stamps.  I added some text from an old book and copper tape around the edges.  A little rhinestone adds a touch of bling.
Here are some that B created.  She created collage using several stamps on multiple dominoes - how cool is that?  I love the combination of the teal and purple inks.  She found some images in my stash - that women in the white bathing suit is my mom!
Here are K's with an assortment of stamping of faces and eyes.  She used alcohol inks to create the marbled stone effect.
Here are L's dominoes.  The top row are from a bracelet kit - she will string them together with beads to create a stunning one of a kind jewelery to wear.  The metallic ones shown are actually bamboo faux dominoes - taken from a bamboo placemat.
Here are more of D's showing the options for applying alcohol inks and rubber stamping on top.
Here is an assortment that illustrates how many different looks you can achieve.  Stamping black on white, adding colour with Sharpies, edging in coloured tape.
Wow - it really is quite remarkable all the different styles we created that day.  So what to do with them all?  I'm sure you are asking yourselves!  Well - you can drill holes and create pendants.  Add a pin back and create a brooch.  Add a magnet and create a fridge ornament. Use strong glue to add the decorated dominoes to a mixed media art project.  or just toss them on your desk or nightstand and enjoy! 


Aileen said...

Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by, love the name you came up with! Its been awhile since I stopped by your blog and wow such great eye candy! You've been busy busy!

suzeeez said...

I love the dominoes project, they are all so interesting. Can you tell me if you put some kind of sealer on each finished domino?