Sunday, March 27, 2011

Liquid Marin ATC Montage Class Photos

 Lucie and I had the pleasure of teaching our ATC Montage class at Liquid Marin in San Rafael on Saturday.  The students had the benefit of learning two ATC styles - i taught the 1-2-3  collage method with vintage images and ephemera.  Lucie taught the students how to create painted backgrounds and develop a more abstract modern style.
 Here is Lucie demonstrating how to arrange the two styles of ATC's on a black gesso'd canvas.

 Here is my finished work. By blending my collage style with Lucie's, you can create a dynamic yet composed artwork.
Each student created up to 10 cards - 5 in each style.    Here is a student's work in progress.
  Another student's cards laid out on the canvas.  Notice she chose to do some cards in the "landscape" orientation.
 Yet another student - still has a couple of cards to complete. We each played around with our compositions to balance colour, form and content to create a cohesive piece. 
 Everyone sure had fun playing with the supplies we provided.
 Lucie's finished canvas.
 And mine again.
And a student's.
 And another students - not quite done - but a great start!
 Can you spot the two styles of cards?
 Just amazing to see the talent in our classroom!
 And my two finished canvases proudly displayed on the wall in my living room.
I hope our students had as much fun as we did - and are showing off their masterpiece in their own homes!
If you are enticed (rightly so) to take a class with Lucie or myself, or one of the other talented instructors, please contact Liquid Marin or check out their website for details.


Zenetta said...

They look great! Love the shot of your living room with your artwork.

Priscilla said...

What a fascinating class project! And the picture progression is really cool to see. Right on!