Monday, March 14, 2011

Altered Hangers

Yes.  Hangers.  Altered.
See details below.  I hung a bunch of random items on twirly bent wire hooks.  I think this needs some editing.
Saturday afternoon i had my monthly play date with my creative friends in SF.  Sadly Shelley could not make it, but Dorothy and Karen and i did something NO MAN HAS DONE BEFORE.  At least i doubt it.  Karen found an assortment of vintage wooden dry cleaning hangers cleaning out her MIL's house and found this cool idea in a book called Bent Bound and Stitched.
You can see here on the pages inside the book, that you first create a coil out of  wire, by wrapping it around a dowel.  Then you flatten it out to create a flattened coil.  Duh.
Then you drill holes in the wooden hanger and SEW, yes SEW the flattened coil to the hanger.  Here you can see Dorothy had some fun stamping dots and swirls onto her hanger before the sewing with thin wire.
Here is a close up of Karen's meticulous coil.
And a close up of mine.  Oh look Birds.  I wonder where they came from?  I was allowed to dismantle one of Dorothy's necklaces to use those cute little beaded and shell drops.  Thanks to her sweet hubby for drilling my holes for me.
This is Karen's almost completed project.  After you create the altered hanger, well, you HANG stuff off of it!  She created some cool loopy hooks and ties (not complete here) to hang a collection of vintage items.  She plans to make one for each member of her family - creating a sort of alternate to a shadow box.  That's her husband's baby shoe and baby rattle with the shell handle.
Here is Dorothy's finished hanger.  Well, well.  She must have finished this after i left her house, i did not get to see it at this stage.  What fun she must have had searching for all these deliciously interesting goodies to hang from her altered hanger!

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Saint said...

I absolutely love this idea! I have been looking for inspiration on something of a wind chime but also on something rather zen, as in a "silent" wind chime which still carries movement and interest. This gets my pea brain turning!