Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paper Room Divider

Last June we moved into a condo in Pasadena that has a groovy 60's swanky vibe to it. White wall-to-wall carpeting (god i wish it didn't) and a white painted stone fireplace. We switched out our silk lampshades for 70's era barrel shades from the thrift store and bought an off white slipcover for the sofa. Other than that, our budget restraints prevent any elaborate decorating. But we really felt the foyer could really use a geometric divider of some sort. Probably something like the one above.
We even considered concrete blocks like this.
Or this one that combines the shape of the first one, with the heft of the second.
Here is another really cool idea - hanging rectangular glass pieces.
But you know, i am all about paper - so here is my NEW divider! I used about 60 - 4 inch circles precut in heavy cardstock i picked up in the bargain section at Paper Source.
I have been wanting to try sewing paper for a while now - so here was the perfect day. Rainy and dark outside, hubby watching football. We got out the sewing machine and went for it!
I wasn't sure what to expect. Would the tension be right? Would the thread break? Would the paper tear? None of the above. It sewed beautifully. I alternated silver and "pool" discs and varied the distance in between. Going for a random rather than orderly effect.
They provide just a slight division between the front door and the living room. Jim stuck them into the ceiling with upholstery tacks, cus that's what i could find! We just think they are so fab.


Granny_candygirl said...

Those are so cool!

Aileen said...

What a great idea!! Looks great!