Saturday, January 23, 2010

More of my 2010 Calendar

I have finished several more spreads in my 2010 calendar and it is ready to mail. I send mine to Modesto and will receive a book from Discovery Bay. Most of the books are on their way to one of us 6 artists.
Just to remind you about my book i introduced HERE. We are altering art calendars in a round robin format. Each of us will send our books around and spend a month working in each other's book. In my calendar, generally on the left page are images by artists and graphic designers. On the right is my artwork. Then i frame both pages to create a cohesive whole spread.
This page was a challenge - the graphic design on the left was a bit weird - guys fishing out of floating windows. I went with assorted blue papers with rough edges and added some fish.
This is my intro page. I added some striped paper trunks to two of the trees on the right.
I added some christmas lights to this page i showed earlier. Not sure what that illustration means - but i figured if the house is on fire (figuratively speaking) i should add some lights.

I just did a simple cartoony drawing on the right to echo the illustration on the left. kind of dumb - but it was a nice way to get the creative juices flowing early in the morning last sunday.
Here was another bizarre illustration of a female hanging by branches. I thought the trees on the Belvedere vodka sort of echoed that.
I LOVE this spread. I started with two different printed papers and made little folded flaps to hide some journalling. 10 - 11- 12- 13 are the dates. I added some tapes and ribbons, but it still seemed too elementary. Then i went through my stash and found two artist postcards with black and white human forms - i cut them out and added one to each page.
Finally, the last page of January faces the sign in page for the artist who will work on February. So i went with a pink themed page - using a hello kitty face. Her whiskers have clippings of "i love you" in 6 different languages. Including pig latin. Iway ovelay ouyay.


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