Monday, December 14, 2009

A Frugal Christmas Card

I love the idea of handmade christmas cards. I just don't love making 50 of the same thing. So why not make 50 different ones? Why not start in january and make really unique and interesting cards your friends and family will treasure? Make 4 a month, one a week? How hard could that be? Nah, just panic the second week of December like me! My inspiration for a simple sweet "minimalist" card was these adorable little ornament stickers i picked up a Michaels.
I also had a good supply of prefolded card stock with a faint harlequin pattern.This is my first prototype. A few stickers "dangling" from a string.
It took a few tries - but i finally found the right recipe. The number of ornaments, the spacing, the dimension.
I used shiny pink or aqua twine, floss and yarn.
I tried "portrait" - but went in the end with "landscape".

Here they all are! I like to make something interesting and fairly easy to make. I stamped the inside with a whimsical Merry Christmas.
I raised up a couple of the stickers with foam sticky dots for added dimension.

now i just need to find envelopes...!!

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Granny_candygirl said...

They are so pretty. You did a great job.