Monday, March 9, 2015

Play Date Clay and Beads

Another play date with my gal pals to work on our beaded clay projects.  i brought this porcelain doll head with no specific plan - and it morphed into a dress form style shape. I used tin foil as a base and covered it with paper clay. I added some jewelry bits to create a tiara.  then added cheap post earrings around her bodice. 
 I filled in with strings of pearls.  Around her waist is a ribbon with beaded fringe and more jewelry findings and strung beads along the "hem".  I have her sitting in a sunny window to dry before i complete the beading.

Our hostess D worked on her bird with doll head, using some paper mache clay she mixed herself.  
it was pretty sticky - but she was able to smooth it out.  ultimately it will be covered with beads and other objects, in a steam punk style.
Z worked on a cute wooden fish she picked up on vacation in Mexico.  
She added glass bead gel as a base to inbed rows of rhinestones in clear and aqua blue.
S worked on her turtle.  First performing a turtle-head-ectomy and replacing it with a doll head.  then she started gluing on the beautiful gems and beads.  
She even creating a fringe effect with chain around the rim of her shell.

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