Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bling Revisited

I once again had the pleasure of working in S's Bling Book.  Her directions were to create black and white spreads with a touch of metallic and a lot of sparkle.  See the last time I worked in the book HERE.
For my first spread I chose to do a constellation.  It is undoubtedly not astronomically accurate to have the moon right next to Aquarius, but here they are!  I started by painting the background a dark iron grey.  normally I wouldn't paint in someone's book, you cannot be sure how the paper will  react to  the moisture.  but this little binder journal has thick pages.  I cut out black and white images and glued them to the page with a glue stick.  then added stick on gems for every star.  I added the words to The Age of Aquarius, as it was so fitting.  Then I added some additional twinkle with some metallic color mists from Outside the Margins.  they added the perfect touch!
For my second spread I started with pages that had text running across the page.  I was playing around with some models wearing black and white outfits.  and I got the idea to remove their white blouse, and white skirt, and to let the page "be" their clothes. I added a bling-y watch image split in two, and added stick-on gemstones to EACH of the diamonds on the watch.  that's a lot of darn diamonds, Mr. Lauren!  I guess I was also thinking about the movie Big Eyes, since I added some to both of my gals.

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