Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to a Sweet Girl who turned TWO today - that would be me. 
Yes - i decided last year to start over at 1.  Just made sense.  Two is my "lucky age" since my birthday is August 2nd.  Seems like i was cheated out of a lucky year since i was, you know, only 2.  So this year we'll try again.
 When stealing, i mean "researching" vintage birthday cards online it seemed that Mary had a Little Lamb was a popular theme.
And kittens!
Here is my birthday present.  A vintage inspired wire basket for all my rolls of paper. It is from Pottery Barn and yes was a splurge, but i did get it on sale.  It comes with a fabric liner, meant for laundry, but i think i like it better without.  Here are some NEW papers i just acquired - but i have tons more and now they'll have a pretty place to live!

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Lucie said...

I want one!!!! Happy Birthday Diane. Thanks for being my muse! xox