Sunday, August 14, 2011

Re-Purposed Jewelry

 A few years ago i got some nice jewelry at a company sample sale.  This particual necklace is so pretty - with crystal beads and ecru lacey flowers.  The only problem - it weighs about 15 pounds!  But i kept it knowing that one day i could "fix it".
 I gathered up some embroidery floss, needles, linen book bining thread and some crochet hooks.
 Then i dismantled the necklace - look at all the cool pieces!

 There were 9 different class stones - including some irregular nuggets and smooth balls and faceted beads.
 This is what i made!  I wanted the piece to have the look of the crystals and the flowers - but to be lightweight.  I left lots of room in between the elements.  I like my necklaces LONG - this about 36".
 I started with embroidery floss and a needle - but gave up when the needle didn't go through the smaller holes - so i started over with the waxed linen bookbinding thread.
 Next i made this one with a thicker cording - it was easier to tie the knots.  As you can see i added some pretty aqua blue beads.
 Next i tried another one with the linen thread - but used TWO strands - which in some ways was easier  - since you could tie a normal knot.  But then you had to struggle to fit both strands through the little bead holes.
 Here is the finished necklace.
 And all three!
And look!  So many leftover beads and ecru flowers -enough for MANY more necklaces!

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