Monday, February 7, 2011

Paper Quilts

 Here are the finished quilts made by my artsy friends, which i wrote about here. This is Karen's stunning black, white and rust quilt. In fact  - that is REAL rust - as in the fabric was purposefully stained with nails and wire mesh. Each of her circle/squares was cut into 4 wedges and mixed up for added interest.  She further embellished with rick rack and corrugated metal strips. It is mounted on foam core - and will ultimately receive a nice square wooden frame.
Here is Shelley's gorgeous metallic quilt.  Much smaller circles than Karen's, some left "whole", while others are cut in two, creating an interesting diamond effect in the center.  Nicely framed in a dark wood.  Each quilt square was embellished with  metallic accents that play up the gold and copper tones of the paper.
And finally here is Dorothy's.  Or should i say ONE of Dorothy's whimsical and colourful paper quilts. She made NINE of these - all framed in either black or white 18" wood frames.  Stunning.  She added beadwork to each quilt - the details are quite something.  She plans to sell them at the upcoming quilt SF show.

And so where is mine, you might ask? You can see it here - pretty much looks the same as when i made it a month ago - except it was tacked to the wall in the hallway.  It needs some repair before it could possibly be framed. But you know how it is, i just need to want to do it badly enough.

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