Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back from vacation and what have i been doing?

Happy August everyone! I was in Montreal for our annual vacation of relaxing by day by the lake or the pool.  And enjoying food, wine, friends and family by night. And music!  There always seems to be a spontaneous jam wherever Jim and I go. Such talented friends we have...!
I brought along some beading supplies and made a few things.  I also taught my niece Erica what i know about wire wrapping beads.  Even my sister got in the act.
Erica made the one above.
I made this.
My sister kept this one.
And this one.
And this one.  
Okay - she did pay me for them.  She also made a bracelet - don't think i have a pic.
I also made this one that my sister's mother in law, Muriel bought from me. ("don't get my face")
I was kind of sad to sell it - hardly had time to enjoy it, you know?  I used some cool vintage beads.  But it was actually her birthday and she said she wanted to buy herself a present - so how could i refuse her!
Now back to the sunshine and the lake....
Hubby Jim and brother-in-law Anthony chillin' on the doc.
Top photo are his brother Mike's girls.

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