Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank You Notes...

We spent Memorial Day weekend in the San Francisco Bay area visiting our dear friends.  We wanted to send special thank you notes to our hosts for the weekend and another couple who threw us a lovely luncheon on Saturday.  Both these couples are very interested in flowers and trees and nature and hiking and the outdoors in general.  So that somewhat dictated the theme for the cards!

For both cards i used letter press prints from a vintage quest book.  The illustrations were done by Gwen Frostic. You can see her lovely designs on the website.  I picked up TWO of these books at an estate sale a few years ago. I paired the two illustrations with patterned card stock and made simple folded cards. I added some foreign stamps with flowers images to the front for a bit of colour and well - if you are going to send hand made cards - you want there to be a bit of "hand-made-ness" to them.

Inside i will attach a plain piece of writing paper where we can express our gratitude for the lovely meals and wine and fabulous desserts.  yum.  So i stamped "Gratitude" on the front of the folded paper.  Well, that and because i cannot find one of at least three stamps i own that say "thank you".
Thank you all for a wonderful long weekend.  Hope yours was just as special....!