Sunday, February 21, 2010

Introducing Craft Corner..!

I was delighted to see that my clever niece Erica had created her own blog - craft corner. That's her in the rapidly growing corner of the basement, she has turned into her art studio.  
For years whenever i would see my sister and her family I tried to bring a "craft project" for us to play with.  One year we did melt and pour soap with goldfish in baggies.  Another year we did mixed media collage plaques with our names.  Erica continued to grow creatively and kept coming up with new and fun ways to hone her skills. Here is a beach cake she made - complete with little teddy graham bears in bikinis.

Here is one of her miniatures - this one is a little campfire scene - complete with a bag of marshmallows. How cute is that? She included the crayon in the foreground for scale.
Here is a collage she did when she visited last November. We painted the deli paper backgrounds and then did Papaya! style collage.
Here is an altered book she did last year with a theme of PINK.
But these days - Erica's passion is creating cards. Here are some of the ones she has sent me  - but you will see on her blog that her style has grown - she is more precise. My sister blames me for creating a crafting monster!  Well, i suppose i will accept that.  The creative genes on my family apparently skipped over my sister and went to my niece. I am very proud to introduce you to Erica's blog.  I hope you'll visit often and give her encouraging comments!
Note: just wanted to add that my sister is not artistic per se - but she is an excellent chef and a brilliant piano player!

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Zenetta said...

Thanks for the tip. I love Erica's blog. We are making lots of cards at our play dates and she gave me some really good ideas!