Monday, July 7, 2008

Go Make Something: Green!

Here is another fun collage for Go Make Somethings Monday Challenge: Green!

I used a 4" by 5" stretched canvas as a base. I started by applying some ink and then two colours of mulberry paper over top for some texture.

I used a image of a native girl from Ten Two Studios collage sheet Little Diversity.

I added some printed paper behind her and a clipping of the green floral paper i bought here. I knew i wanted to add some beads - but alas -the wrong colour. Well, didya know, that Adirondak Ink is PERFECT for colouring anything glass, metal, plastic or shiny?? A few drops of ink and the clear and orange leaves are suddenly the perfect green. A stamp from the pack i bought here, featuring some colourful parrots finishes this off nicely.

Oh - the swirly metal things are paper clips shaped like the @ symbol. They have NOTHING to do with the otherwise organic nature of this collage - but they were green - so i couldn't pass them up!


md_iordache said...
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Artyfax said...

nice artwork. You have taken the theme and carried it thru to a conclusion that has a meaning. Well done! - John