Monday, June 23, 2008

Paper and Ribbons, oh my

Do you buy cards you never plan to actually send or give to anyone? I have been doing that for years. So when i discovered altered books about 6 years ago, it finally all made sense to me. I just love collecting paper. I bought all kinds - wrapping paper, tissue, note paper and cards - just because i liked the colours and patterns. I used to make a big fuss of having a theme for Christmas wrappings. One year i bought flocked wallpaper and made my own gift bags. This was at the very birth of the gift bag phenomenon - like late 80's. Few people had ever seen a gift bag before - and i gave out presents in burgundy velvety bags with gold braided handles and tassles. One year i did the Martha "brown paper with gold paint stamped with halved pears". Oh yeah -it looks easy, but what do you do when you have 12 feet of painted paper and no table or floor space big enough to let it dry?
Back then i didn't know i wanted to be a collage artist. I just knew i liked collecting things. Sure i was crafty. I did flower arranging, wreathmaking, made quilts, sewed all my own clothes. But it was that revelation 6 years ago when all this paper collecting made sense. Now i have a room full of it. Everything from cheesy store bought scrapbooking paper to i do believe is the entire line of Cavallini papers, to 1800's era periodicals and vintage photos and postcards.
This weekend i was in Toronto, Canada for a wedding. I wanted to hit Queen St. West - known for its funky artsy shops and cafes. I went into three stores in one block, bought something in each one, and was happy to head back to the hotel.
First one of those edgy novelty shops that sells risque novelty items. I bought 4 cards i will never give to anyone. But will definitely use for inspiration in my collage. Oh and they all have birds. Still a little bit obsessed with birds. In fact the name of the card line is lovebird by narelle craven. Check her out on line here. I think they are just wholesale - but you will certainly by inspired by her designs.
The next shop just sold ribbon, Mokuba. But not in a new york city garment district kind of way. More in a sleek modern our ribbon is too good for you kind of way. It was all stunning and expensive - so how to choose? Well i spotted some spools of multi hued silk ribbons in assorted colorways -only $1 a yard! Each of these bundles is 5 yards - so many colours in one piece of ribbon!
Next shop was a b-flat art supply store - you know, like you have everywhere. But perhaps there was a fun find. I picked up a collage pack of handmade papers for $2.99.
So equipped with new cards, ribbon and paper - it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. We jumped in a taxi and turned the corner and ran smack dab into china town. AARRGHGHH. OH how i would have loved to peruse the Asian import shops lining the streets for more paper treasures. Alas it was not to be.

So got back to the hotel and opened up all my packages - included the handmade papers. Everything in the pack was plain solid paper - not at all like the embroidered and flower petal strewn samples on the cover. oh well. I'll use it for something.

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Aileen said...

Boy what a shopping trip I can just see you drooling over it all LOL!
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