Monday, February 23, 2015

More Beaded Things and Some Dolls

My friends Z and K came over on Saturday for brunch and some crafting.  We wanted to continue making things with beads.   Our "main" play date had to be rescheduled for March.  Here are the pendants i made, with silver fimo clay, and some black glitter clay.  One is really cluttered, one is very orderly, one is whimsical, and one is kind of cool looking!  After baking only one bead fell off, but was easily reattached with a drop of glue.

  Here is a beautiful bird pendant Z made with polymer clay and an assortment of rhinstone chain, bugle beads, seed beads and a leaf charm. After baking she'll add some flowers or beads to the two rings on the branch.
 K was busy with some interesting doll projects (see below) - but tried to make a pendant with aqua clay and gold seed beads and a couple of charms.  She didn't like the "messy" look and was going to start over!  We all know what THAT feels like!
 This was a cool to make!  it started as a paper clay heart.  I took a few dozen cheap stud earrings (i have a pal who can get them for me) and created a paper weight. I just stabbed the earring posts into the semi hardened clay.  it will be a nice conversation piece on  my desk at work.
 My friend K was busy creating these adorable little dolls with bunny ears.  One of them was made with air dry paper clay. She used 2 part epoxy for the other (i am not sure which).
 For this doll, K added some pearl ex powder to the bunny ears.  
Once she got her home, she added a tattered lace dress, wings and some flowers.  So cute!
 This pretty damsel is going to become an art doll when she is complete.
bunny ears looked so fun - so i created these with paper clay on a little plastic kewpie doll.  She is drying in a hot sunny window as we speak.  I'll paint and add a dress and other adornments once she is safe to handle.
 I dried to make a bunny with some leftover fimo clay but it ended up looking like a deer!
A deer with a snail body??  oh whatever! covered with some beads and baked it looks pretty cool!  Stay tuned for beaded things part three in a couple of weeks!