Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Painting Playdate

Femmage Workshop

Christmas Cards 2016

My dear friend Karen hosted her annual christmas card making play date.  And as always she positively out did herself!  The theme was Brunch in Paris, Afternoon Tea in London.

  Some of the cute gifties i received from my crafty friends!

 The theme for my cards was based on my new special baby, my white Himalayan cat, Willoughby.  I googled white cat and vintage and found these images.

 I cut them out and glued them onto christmas sheet music and had them copied onto nice paper.
 I used an assortment of christmas themed scrapbook paper as backgrounds, keeping to a red and green theme.
 I used basic natural card stock for the cards and envelopes.
 I added a 3-D santa hat sticker to the cat to make them festive!
 This was out afternoon tea.  OMG!!!