Saturday, October 2, 2010

A fresh start....

A couple of weeks ago we moved back to our old house in northern California.  Here is my craft room after the strong moving guys carried everything in:
 The room is about 12 ft by 11ft - bigger than my former craft room in the other smaller bedroom.  It was about 10 x 10.  Here i have room to line two walls with black metal shelves and have a ton of space in the middle.
As you can see you can barely even go INTO the room because of all the boxes. Turns out (despite being properly labeled) a box of toiletries was in the middle of this pile - there was my missing hairdryer!
My BLANK work surface is under a nice east facing window with views of the vintage oaks.  Well, and the roof of the garage.  But also nice trees and sky.

Can here it is now:
 Ok - so everything is OUT of the boxes and literally thrown up onto the shelves.  It still very much needs to be organized. This will be the PAPER wall - all ephemera, clippings, scrapbook paper, books and magazines will fill this wall.
 This wall will have all the doodads, ribbon and fibres in drawers, images and cards, buttons ands stamps.  Thanks to my friend Mary for the comfy new chair!
 Here is the desktop - already spilling forth with stuff i am collecting for my latest swap.
Another view of the paper wall - toward the door.
And finally a peak into the closet.  For now i just moved in some drawer towers filled with tools and other supplies.  I am very excited to get to work.