Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, many changes since my last post. I got a job, woowoo. Moved to Los Angeles. And haven't touched any craft stuff in two weeks!Until now, that is. I discovered a marvelous little store called Zinnia in South Pasadena. Since we are not yet settled into a new permanent home, i had to really hold back. But i had to buy SOMETHING! you know..?
They had several cute paper packets with different themes - so i picked up two of those. I created the card above accenting with a skeleton leaf and felt flower. here is the inside of the card - featuring a fabric printed bunny. I bought a whole sheet of these easter images at Zinnia. They could be sewn or glued onto paper. Fraying the edges creates a whimsical effect.
I'll add my personal message and give the card to my hubby! More crafting to come - once i am settled into my new job and my new home.