Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy 25th Anniversary Sweetie!

 View from the lanai on the northside of Kauai
May 28th, 1988 was my wedding day, 25 years ago. 
My hubbie and I just got back from a memorable vacation in Hawaii to celebrate. 
 Diane and Jim and a pretty lei
So today is kind of a "normal" day and we are having Kraft Dinner for supper. That's what Canadians call Mac and Cheese! And we're going to watch the hockey game because, duh, we're Canadian.
Sunset view from the lanai in Wailea on Maui
Lest you think romance is dead, my sweetie just handed me a poem he wrote,
 that reads in part:
...when i think i can't love you more than i do,
you walk into the room....
I love you Jim and every day is magical
 whether we are watching the sunrise or sunset from a million dollar view,
or sitting on our couch, eating mac and cheese.